Building UI for enterprise applications.
Dreaming Trying to be a good developer.
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Hi, I'm Sergei! Nice to meet you.

I'm working as a Front-end/Software Developer in a privately held IT company with headquarters in Cambridge, US. In my work experience I have taken an active part in numerous projects which included building enterprise applications used by Clients across Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but doing things in time. Continuously improving my skills.

My skills

Technologies which I’m using now and in which my expertise is growing

Main web skills

JavaScript HTML CSS Angular TypeScript SASS


Webpack Babel JQuery


InterSystems Caché


SQL GIT GitHub Workflow
Technologies which are becoming less relevant for me and may require actualization


Caché Object Script C#


AngularJS Gulp

Databeses/Integration Engine

InterSystems Ensemble

Interested? Contact me! Let's discuss.